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22 September 2011 @ 10:48 pm

xTitle:Heated Leather
Author: Cede
Genre:Smut, Romance
Length: Oneshot
Summary: Jonghyun gets tickets to see a drive in movie for a simple innocent date with taemin, but his little minx has other plans
A/N: warning this fic contains DP (double penetration)

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22 September 2011 @ 10:38 pm

xTitle:Heated Leather
Author: Cede
Genre:Smut, Romance
Length: Oneshot
A/N: warning this fic contains DP (double penetration)

“Star-lite Drive-in Movie Theater, how may I help you.”
“Yeah I would like to know what movies you are playing tonight and how much that would cost?” Jonghyun specked into his phone.
“Ah yes all movies are 6.50 per person. On theater one will be showing Transformers 3 and Brides Maids. Screen two will be showing Friends with Benefits and Harry Potter Deathly Hollows part 2. On Thea-”
“What time does screen two start?”
“At 10 pm sir, may I interest you in our selec-”
“Taeminnie-ah the movie starts at 10!” Jonghyun shouted across the living room hanging up on the lady he was just talking to.
“What movie are you talking about?” Peeking his head out from behind the bathroom door. Taemin murmured with his toothbrush hanging childishly between his plump pink lips. Finishing up he spit out the minty toothpaste, watching in amusement as the bubbles rolled down the drain making a gurgling sound. Grabbing a tan towel folded neatly by the sink, he rubbed his face thoroughly making sure to get all the residue off. Trying his best, he folded the towel placing it where he found it. Looking in the mirror he fixed his light blonde hair, smoothing down all the stray-aways, puffing his cheeks out when they wouldn't go down, he solemnly gave up. Stroding out of the bathroom, walking briskly to the living where his boyfriend was lounging on the couch, blindly flipping through the channels. “What movie where you talking about hyung.” Taemin excitedly said while sitting right on Jonghyun's lap blocking his view of the TV.
“Come on Taemin your blocking the TV.” Jonghyun whimpered.
“You weren't even really watching it.” Taemin snickered. Wrapping his legs possessively around Jonghyun exposed chest, leaning down to brush his lips against Jonghyun's.
“Actually yeah I was, because I found this Drive-in movie theater commercial. I think the place was called Star-lite Drive-in but anyways I called them up to see what movies they were playing and guess what!” Jonghyun announced eyes sparkly with glee.
“What what whaaaaaaaat?” Taemin franticly sputtered.
“You wont believe it, but there playing Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows Part 2!” Jonghyun spazzed.
“Nuh-Un they finally edited it to Korean. OH MY GOD! Thank you hyung I will be ready in 15 minutes tops.” Taemin sputtered when he flung himself off of Jonghyun scrambling towards their shared bedroom dragging Jonghyun along with him. Throwing on a pair of holey jeans and light blue v-neck he was ready to go. Jonghyun beside him grab a pair of black basketball shorts and a thin loose low tank top and put in some diamond studded earrings and sprayed some chocolate axe on himself. Taemin gave him a questioning look.
“What I gotta look and smell good” Jonghyun exclaimed.
“For who?” Taemin questioned nervously.
“For you of course!” Jonghyun seductively smirked.
“Mmhhmm, anyways we need to leave... like right now.” Taemin said while shoving the elder out the bedroom leading him to front door. “Hurry up and put on your shoes, I don't want to miss it.” Taemin whined.
“We got time.”
“No we don't! So move your fucking ass!”Taemin commanded.
“Damn your bossy, maybe I shouldn't take you to see this movie.” Jonghyun joked.
“But but but nooo I wanna see Emma wat- I mean sorry babo lets just leave, Okay.” Taemin absentmindedly said.
Fine, but lets leave before they finish the commercials.” Jonghyun lazily breathed.

Pulling up in a sleek black ford focus, to stop in front of the booth a little ways into the spread out drive through, Jonghyun smartassly pulled out a twenty when to bill was only 6.50$, the lady stating they were having a special on tickets, buy one get one free, Jonghyun insisted on that she keep the change.
“That was nice of you.” Taemin cooed.
“What can I say I'm a romantic guy.” Jonghyun proclaimed.
“You sure are, and your fucking sexy too.” Taemin seductively stated, grabbing Jonghyun's chin roughly jerking it to the side capturing his bottom lip between his teeth.
“Holy shit taemin, at least let me park the car first, you sure are frisky tonight.” Jonghyun swiftly pulling up front, parking the car and continuing with his ministrations. “Okay where were we?” Jonghyun seductively questioned.
“Well that depends where you want me to be.” Taemin sexily spoke.
Unbuckling his seat belt, Jonghyun closed the distance between them, connecting their lips in a heated dominate kiss. Pulling back to push the seats down, he hovered dangerously over taemin, pushing him down against the cushioned leather feeling around for a certain button. With one hand against taemin's chest the other clashing against the seat warmer button. Sneaking his hands under taemin's flimsy shirt he pulled it up just above his nipples. Attacking the one to left sucking at it harshly, nibbling on it like a treat. Instantly harden the little pink nub, his thumb and forefinger tugging and pulling the nub to the right,switching his magic to other to do the same. eliciting a low moan from the dancer. “Fuck Taemin your so feisty.” Jonghyun teased.
“Yes he is, and he doesn't want any foreplay. Fuck Jonghyun I i- Shit just fuck me already!” Taemin commanded.
“If you say so.” Jonghyun teetered. Pulling the flimsy shirt off Taemin's lethal body, in the little space he had he went for his tight jeans tugging the zipper with some struggle but with success his yanked the teen's pants off throwing them beside his long forgotten shirt. Leaning down, he took the elastic of the latters boxers between his teeth, agonizingly slow pulled them down till they got caught on his dick. Slipping his fingers around the offending material he gave a rough tug freeing the dancers cock, bobbing in the air. He felt the younger shiver under him feeling the cool air attack his exposed length, yet the heated seat created a beautiful mixture of hot and cold. Rolling over onto the other seat Jonghyun briskly stripped down to nothing, accidentally tearing his tank in the process. To slicked over to the heated leather, Rightfully claiming his spot once again between the dancers legs, planting his feet firmly on the floor beside the heated chair. He leaned dangerously low, tongue tracing the circumference of his belly button dipping his tongue slightly in the navel nibbling on the nub inside. Blowing a chaste kiss on his almost invisible happy trail. Trailing his devious tongue lower about the swipe his tongue along Taemins slit. He heard a mysterious buzzing sound. Spreading Taemin's legs further apart he peered into the darkness. “T-taemin is is t-that a vibrator?” Jonghyun curiously questioned looking up at the dancer with a light tinge of pink touching his cheeks, small chunks of hair plastered to his face, eyes dilated large,lids heavy with lust, a tight upright smirk painted on his face, voice low with defiance.
Taemin used his elbows to slightly lift himself off the chair to look down at the singer nestled between his open legs, a thin layer of sweat coated his exposed body, random pieces of hair painted against his face, eyes deep and dark over flowing with lust,tongue devilishly swiping it self along his thick lips, smooth to the touch. “What if it is what are you going to do me.” Taemin lustfully sputtered.
“THIS!” at that moment Jonghyun took the dark purple pulsating vibrator, and slammed it higher in then it already was, hitting his sweet spot dead on. Moaning in esctay, taemin writhed and withered beneath Jonghyun with the way he twisted the vibrator this way and that, Taemin moaned his name mercilessly, rocking back and forth against the machine working wonders on his body. Body shaking violently and coming comeplety undone.
“Holy fuck! J-jonghyun just fuck fuck me already.” Taemin moaned lustfully throwing his head back with the way the vibrator was abusing his prostate.
“I already am.”
“AHH! I want your cock please Jonghyun I want your meaty hard cock, not this silicone piece of shit!” Taemin screamed.
Abruptly the toy was ripped from his body, a small barely audio able whimper heard from taemin like his hole was greedy for something, anything to fill it. Jonghyun shoved his fingers into Taemins mouth wiggly them around a little to entice the younger, to be rewarded with a harsh bite to his index finger. “I don't need any fucking preparation did you see the size of that thing, I could fit quite a bit in there at the moment.”
“Oh really!” Jonghyun claimed alining his cock with taemins twitching hole, begging to be filled he swiftly complied with the silent begging. Starting with a strong thrust into Taemins tight heat,,being engulfed within seconds, his tight walls like a vice begging for more increasing the speed with each burning moment passing by. Slamming mercilessly into the heat, Jonghyun lazily feeled around for the forgotten device still shaking violently against the chair, probably staining the fresh leather .With some stealth he slipped in the vibrator turning it on high having taemin's ass engulf along with his waiting dick. A long wantoning moan ripped from the insides of taemins vocal cords.
Jonghyun pulled taemin up by the small of his back, pinning his body against his, sweat slicked body rubbing against each other. Taemins dick trapped between both of their body, with each thrust the vibrator struck his prostate, his dick rubbed against Jonghyun's defined muscle, hitting the rivets, clashing against the heated skin. Pulling him in for a sloppy kiss, white porcelain pearls clashing against each other, lips nipped, tongue tracing each others mouth, till Taemin pulled away howling out.
“FUUUUUUUCK JONGHYUN! Shit that feels so good.”
Jonghyun gave him a questioning look, “Are you serious, you such a fucking masochist! damn I am impressed, but how much pain can you take before you break.”
“I don't give a shit FUCK! Jonghyun shove it in hard ahh I beg of you j-just SHIT! Yes yes RIGHT FUCKING there unnn~”
“What my dick or the machine.”
“Fuck j-just both fu- unn ohh yeah! Ahh mmmm”
Taemins incomprehensible words, lustful moans and deafening growls filled the air, the windows started to fog up, it suddenly got really hot in the car, the sound of the movie they were suppose to be watching resonated off the walls, the slight sound of leather stretching pierce his ears.
Jonghyun slicked his hand to Taemin's member bouncing violently between his legs, pumping it in rhythm along with his thrusts. Taemin wrapped his legs around Jonghyun's waist howling his name as him came hard covering Jonghyun's hands and both there abdomens. Seconds later Jonghyun came within Taemin coating his walls with his milk, a wet noise sounded when he slipped out along with some driblets of cum escaping his hole, like it wanted to treasure it. Jonghyun caught the glob on his finger, bringing it to his lips to swipe it across them like some crude lipstick. Capturing the dancers lips in one last sensual cum-covered kiss.
Attempting to try to put their clothes back on, for the first movie was over and done with. For in the small space they were given it was quite difficult to put torn or wet clothes on in the backseat of a car, reeking of the smell of sex, so they just decided to cuddle under a warm blanket laying in Jonghyun's backseat, to just sit back, watch the the last installment of Harry Potter where Taemins dream girl once occurred, once. Now his life was preoccupied with a puppysaur that goes after the name Kim Jonghyun that needed constant attention and needs so I guess the only thing that he really need to care about right now was not to get another hard-on or something of his is gonna get broken so they both just decided to bask in the best date that either of them have ever had.

hopefully this story and the ones after this are good enough to make up for my fail.. but hopefully you all like it!!!! and plz plz plz comment!! xD

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10 August 2011 @ 05:54 pm
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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08 July 2011 @ 10:47 pm
OK. for everyone who has or will continue to email me. I have changed my email I will no longer be using my Mercedes_moshier@hotmail.com I will now be using the email jongtaesmut@hotmail.com fell free to contact me if u wish but be sure to say who u are or ur username don't worry I don't bite haha! and feel free to add me on facebook just ask for my name or link thank you and hopefully I didn't confuse u too much.

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30 March 2011 @ 10:27 pm

Taemin's Game
Summary:Taemin wants to play a game with Jonghyun?

srry if lj cut didn't work still trying to figure outs how to do it

With my hand still tightly wrapped around Jonghyun's cock I whispered,“Hyung,you deserve to be punished~.” Wanting to leave this dingy lockeroom,i decided to leave in a fun way. Tugging Jonghyun's length to the left. I whispered,”Move.”,he silently complies my stroding towards the exit door. But before he can reach the handle I tease him. By making his hard length graze against the cooled metal. Feeling that cooled sensation he elicits a delicious moan,that almost brings me over the edge. To quench my thirst for complete domination, I started thinking. Maybe I should show him what I am really made of. “Hyung, do you want to play a game?” With my hand still connected to his length. I thought that it was a miracle how he lost his intoxicating look and gained his reality. ”Yeah sure Taeminnie what exactly did you have in mi--.”Looking so high in life,i wanted him to lose it...on me. Wanting him to lose it, I squeezed his cock...hard.”Jonghyun, I think you may already have an idea.” With that rough squeeze, Jonghyun leaned on the push button. The button released with a 'click' and instantly we were engulfed in hot warm steam. The warmth that tickled up Jonghyun's cock made him reach the boarder of trying to be quiet in a public place and moaning like a shameless whore. He slowly released a moan that was so low it had Taemin's legs trembling.

“Pl-please OH! Please mmm Tae I-i'm be-begi--.”Feeling that I teased him long enough I decided to give a little something back. Running my cool hands up length, caressing each and every muscle there was in my reach. I gave in and finally push him through the door and dragged him towards the lazy river. Going down the steps I feel a chair and shove Jonghyun towards it ,he lands with a 'thud'. Sitting in his lap I wrap my legs around his waist a tangle my hands in his hair and huskily say,”Show me, if you deserve this.” Releasing my hands from his hair I point towards my body. Emphasizing the this part, but before I can reach my waist. Jonghyun pins my hands behind my back and whispers,”Well to do that we have to switch places... like this.” Just like that he pulls me off him and slams on me... and my dick. When his hard-on landed on mine we both oooed in unison. All of the sounds that we have been making were loud but this one echoed.

“Tae maybe we should quiet down a li--.” Thinking that maybe we should but because the burning sensation was just to overwhelming, I decided to screw that idea and came up with a better one. One that both Jonghyun and I would enjoy.
“I got a idea for you to keep quiet.”
Within seconds Jonghyun leaned forward and just ravaged my lips in one go. I don't think he really had the same idea that I had in mind. Pinching his shoulder so 1) I can breathe and 2) because he didn't have the same idea that I did.
Looking up with red swollen lips and a trail of saliva still connected. I can see his eyes completely hooded with lust. Looking down I nodded and I think he had a clue what I meant. Going back to my lips I was about to push him backwards again, but I stopped my self. At that moment his lead his lips from mine to my jawline and licked his way to my collarbone. Stopping just above that one spot, the spot right between my Adams apple and just above my collarbone. Hitching my breath he slightly bit it and in return I elicited a moan high enough to question my sex. Looking up at with confused eyes he says,”Taeminnie you sorta sound like a girl.” I slap his ass and he growls at me very seductively and slowly...agonizingly continues. Licking a trail across my collarbone he swoops down and nips at my left nipple.”Mmmmm Jonghyun!”Looking back up at me he whispers,”Mmmm Tae you taste like strawberries.” Looking back down at him I smirked at that comment and huskily say,”The lower you get the better it tastes.” Taking this as a passage to continue he trails his lips my nipple to the hem of my leather pants. Hesitantly reaching up with his hands to unbutton,I harshly slap them away. “No Jongie do it with your teeth.”
Smirking against my zipper he puts his hands behind back. Knowing that it was already hard enough to get them off with my hands,but not alone teeth. Seeing that he was having some trouble I slightly lift my hips off the chair,but he roughly pushes me down. Seeing that he didn't need my help I gave up, but he will find even if it is near impossible. Biting my hips harshly he finally got the fucking zipper between his teeth. Pulling the zipper down he decided that he wanted his fun to,so while dragging the zipper down so slowly that is almost aggravating, while using his teeth to lightly graze against my hard-on. Being that my cock was already making a tent in my pants,the tent in my boxers was twice the size. my pants slid off my hips and got caught on my cock. Jonghyun looked like he was having some difficulty and pulled harder, creating a delicious friction. Since I like going commando he was meet with my lollipop the second he had succeeded in pulling my pants off. Pulling the rest of pants off they flew them god knows where. Causing my cock to bob in the air, he snaked out his tongue and lapped at it, like it was a real lollipop. Unexpectedly when I laced my fingers in his hair, he took as a sign to go farther. Engulfing me in one go he left me incoherent. Going so deep on me that he could get a lick or two at my balls at same time as my cock touched the back of his throat. Tugging his hair to make it go deeper then it already was. In return he grazed his teeth on the underside just along that pulsing vein, that did it for me. Cumming in his mouth, I thought that he would spit at least some of it out. But by my surprise he swallowed each and every last drop of it.
“Wahhh, Taeminnie isn't as minnie as I thought,i want to see how big you really are, care to show me?”

Wheni first typed this out this was taextaeminnie's response
What happened to my dongsaeng? this is soooo MUCH BETTER!

yeah this too k me freaking forever to do and I already wrote the 2nd chp soo yeah hope everyone who sees this likes it to thankz and comments and critizme are loved but be toooo harsh with the insults and put down thankz ohhh......
and I am sorta a comment whore

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14 March 2011 @ 04:12 am

rating- NC-17
genre- smut shameful
a/n after having it betaed 2times I think that this is new and imporoved u forever fycking live Kelsey w and mickota thankz

Here you go:

Taemin stood outside the changing room with impatience itching his thoughts. Jonghyun had been in there for an awfully long time and he was beginning to wonder what was taking so long. A sultry thought began to emerge among the others. What is he doing? Having FUN without me? Hehe, if that’s the case, it’s time to show him my real side.

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13 March 2011 @ 09:02 pm
Poll #1717558 jongxtae journal

what would you name your jongxtae smut filled journal

what should i name my shiba inu or husky it a girl and has blue eyes

13 March 2011 @ 08:21 pm

pairing TopTaeminxJonghyun
Summary-umm contiuned from Drabble after lots of encouragemet I am finally able to actually write this damn thing.
a/n after i had kelseyw http://mickota.livejournal.com/ both beta it kelsey on my journal and mickota on ljsoooooooo~! here ya go new and inproved

"You deserve to be punished~."
Jonghyun swallowed, nerves hinting behind his eyes. "How exactly are you going to do that?"
I chuckled. "Let me show you."
As I turned him around, I noted his face not showing any expressions of resistance. Even if he did, I would show no mercy. My hand found its way to his pants and I slowly pull him forward by the belt buckle. My arm brushes once or twice against his abdomen and I can feel the damp sweat soaking through the white tank top; the garment beaten up with holes from the 'playtime' we've had. Hehe, there was even dried stains on his jeans from our 'studies'.
He made a noise behind me, indicating that he could no longer take the suspense of not knowing what I had planned. I have to do something about that.
"Hyung, do you want to play a game? First, you have to come with me."
Jonghyun hesitated before answering. "Okay, but I don't know what you're doing." I have a slight idea though.
"Come here and I will show you." I say seductively and continue to pull us closer toward the vacant waterpark entrance.
"Tae, I don't know if I can trust you."
I know he hasn't been here yet; he has no idea what's cumming, I mean coming.
The sensational warm mist crawled up my spine as I opened the door and blindly felt around for the lights. My fingers nudged against the switch and I flick them on with my first try. I smirked at my amazing luck. Now with that out of the way, I pull Jonghyun closer and do a little something. He jerked, confused by my sudden advance fondling him.
"Tae, what in the world are you-OHOHHH TAEMIN." He might not be as innocent as I have always thought.
"Hyung, could you come here for a second?" Keke and the game begins.

werid computer makes th print purple whtevers it looks pretty and i fucking love my bffl for betaing this in my journal and mickota for betaing it on lj loves ya~ CRITZE PONTIERS,AND ANYTHING THAT YA WANT SEE AND SHOULD I CONTINUED CHANGE IT UPPPP IDKKKK~!
comments are loved Iam sort of a comment whore keke
keke still trying to figure out how 2 work slash thingy

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12 March 2011 @ 09:13 pm
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